How to Add Apps & Decorate Your Profile Page...

To start adding Profile Apps and to use the Profile Designer to change the look and feel of your profile.

First click on Add Profile Apps as I have circled below...


You may add each app at least once. You add one App at a time and keep going to the Add Profile Apps until you are done choosing the Apps you would like.


I have chosen to add this last App that I do not have yet...


This is what it looks like in my profile...


Now to change the look and feel of your page plpease click on Profile Designer button which I have circled below for you.


It bring you to this... You can choose colors or add images from your computer or online here...


Here you can add the color you would like to use for your background color in your Profle Background Section.


You may add a background by either uploading/using a URL image.


Here you may decide if you would like to have you Image/Background tyled or not.


Here you may just add a color to blending with your background you chose or you can skip this part.


Or you may add a background by either uploading/using a URL image for the box.


When you try to change the text color in your description of yourself you need to highlight that part before you can change the color ok.


After that please press save and you are all set with your profile.


And you profile can look something like this...



  • Hi Sharmelle,

    How do I delete an app from my profile? I forgot there was already an, about me ,on my profile page.

    Then by mistake I've downloaded another one, now I'm stuck with two...Please help!

    Thank you


  • Good Afternoon, Vallerie!

    Sorry I did not get to this today... I did not receive a message about it in my email like I should have.

    On the upper right hand corner there is an edit button... Click on that and it will give you an option to delete or update ok.

    If you need further help please feel free to ask me more questions ok.

    God's Blessings, Sharmelle

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