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Rosa and the Red Apron by Joan Leotta

In Joan Leotta's "Rosa and the Red Apron," Rosa helps her mother make cookies for Grandma's birthday party where Rosa receives a surprise gift.Now available from RUBY'S Reading Corner.
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Special Occasion Planner and Journal by Beth Brubaker

Getting ready for a holiday party? You need Beth's new book, The Special Occasion Planner and Journal, to help you get organized! Now available from RUBY'S Reading Corner.
"Just Claire" by Jean Ann Williams

One mother damaged. One family tested. One daughter determined to find her place.

ClaireLee’s life changes when she must take charge of her siblings after her mother becomes depressed from a difficult childbirth. Frightened by the way Mama sleeps too much and her crying spells during waking hours, ClaireLee just knows she’ll catch her illness like a cold or flu that hangs on through winter.

ClaireLee finds comfort in the lies she tells herself and others in order to hide the truth about her erratic mother. Deciding she needs to re-invent herself, she sets out to impress a group of popular girls.

With her deception, ClaireLee weaves her way into the Lavender Girls Club, the most sophisticated girls in school. Though, her best friend Belinda will not be caught with the likes of such shallow puddles, ClaireLee ignores Belinda’s warnings the Lavenders cannot be trusted.

ClaireLee drifts further from honesty, her friend, and a broken mother’s love, until one very public night at the yearly school awards ceremony. The spotlight is on her, and she finds her courage and faces the truth and then ClaireLee saves her mother’s life.

Just Claire is now available from Amazon through Ruby’s Reading Corner.

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Vintage Mama's Cottage
Vintage Mama’s Cottage
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Dear Stay-at-Home Mom

A letter of encouragement to young moms everywhere from Gabrielle Nussbaumer: "Dear Stay-at-Home Mom, You are Awesome!"

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God's Dust Bunnies
Posted by Beth Brubaker

God's Dust Bunnies

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust- God took ashes and breathed, and lo, here we are cruising the Internet and drinking lattes.†

If you think deeply about it, we are God's little dust-bunnies.

Unlike those dust-bunnies under our couches, we were not only given life, but given free will- and a purpose. Dust-bunnies on a mission!†

(plays the ' Mission Impossible ' theme song)

Some of us are busy bunnies, rolling all over the place like tumbleweeds in a tornado, doing anything and everything we can...Read More
Like A Child
Posted by Shara Bueler-Repka

We drove onto the farm and made our way around the silo and haystacks. Distracted by an issue I couldnít seem to find answers for, I stared out the window in silence.
As our horse-hay was loaded, I stepped out of the truck and chatted with the farmerís wife. Her three-year-old granddaughter wandered over and plopped in the dirt at her feet. Suddenly the little girl zoomed in for my attention. Her bright blue eyes danced as she told me about all the ways she played in the mud, the kind of birthday balloons she wanted on October ď25fift,Ē...Read More

"February" by Thea Williams
Posted by Nina

A deceptively warm February 40 years ago saw my beloved father†experiencing a near-fatal heart attack. I can never forget learning, after enjoying an overnight visit with a school friend, how my mom, hands full with three minor children, no job or even driverís license, elected to leave me an extra day in the company of relative strangers while she dealt with the crisis. I remained there, blissfully unaware that my dad lay critically ill as I dressed Barbie dolls.

Fast forward 20 years to February 1991. I shivered on a cold gurney, awaiting surgery which would remove the...Read More

"His Hands" by Alisha Ritchie
Posted by Nina

Donít be afraid, for I am with you. Donít be discouraged, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you. I will hold you up with my victorious hands. Isaiah 41:10 NLT

On August 24, 1996, I married my soul mate, Brandon, in front of all of our family and friends. As I walked toward him down the long aisle of the church, butterflies swarmed in my stomach. My palms grew sweaty as I realized every eye in the sanctuary was on me at that precise moment. I smiled as I glided along but...Read More

"Sing like the birds . . . " by Cynthia Knisley
Posted by Nina

Change is around us everywhere!† By now the New Year is well underway, and we remember to write 2017 on our checks and correspondence. Our nation has a new leader who has promised all kinds of change that will affect Americans and countless others around the globe. Change in our personal lives occurs, embodying both joy and pain.

Elementary children grow up and move on to middle school. High schoolers begin to drive and date, and before long they select a college and prepare to live independently. Sweethearts decide to marry and newly-weds begin a family. Now that involves...Read More


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Life Lessons Prayer and Sermon Journal by Beth Brubaker
Perfect Christmas gift for your friends and family! "Life Lessons Prayer and Sermon Journal" by Beth Brubaker is now available from RUBY'S Reading Corner.
"WHOOSH" by Joan Leotta

What a fun winter picture book! "WHOOSH" by Joan Leotta would be a great Christmas gift for the little ones on your list this year! Now available from RUBY'S Reading Corner.
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Please join us for a new Bible study lesson each week on the Book of Esther. Each lesson is from the study guide, "I am Esther," by author Carol Peterson. CLICK HERE to follow along as we discover how Esther was called and chosen by God for His work among her people.

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"Bring a Cowboy Home" by Gloria Doty
Bring a Cowboy Home

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