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RUBY magazine ~ APRIL 2017

The April 2017 issue of RUBY magazine is our special EASTER edition! Filled with inspirational articles, short stories, poems, book reviews, and recipes that celebrate spring and the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, you and your family will be blessed by all of the great resources in this issue of RUBY magazine.


Ruby for Women has been reaching women around the world with words of hope, inspiration, and encouragement since 2010. Our blog and monthly online magazine are free resources for women of all ages, featuring devotionals, short stories, poetry, recipes and crafts, book reviews, puzzles, gardening tips, parenting advice, and children's activities.

We invite you to be part of our growing community of Christian women (and a few men!) who seek to honor God in all areas of life, and especially through our words of blessing for one another. I hope you will join us!

Nina @ RUBY magazine

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Please join us on THURSDAY afternoons at 3:00 P.M. CDT (4:00 P.M. EST) for our Coffee Break Chat with your friends here in the RUBY community. Just login in here to the community and click on the green tab at the bottom of the screen labeled, "CHAT ROOM." That's it! Let's chat about what's coming up this spring. Hope to see you there!


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You are invited to join the conversation in the RUBY community groups! So many ways for you to connect with other Christian women and share your day with new friends. Come on over the the RUBY community group page and get started today!

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What's the difference?

What’s the difference between the RUBY blog and the RUBY community? Join us and find out!

The RUBY blog is a great resource for women of all ages and from every walk of life. We share daily devotionals and inspirational articles by our team of writers from all across the USA as well as several other English-speaking countries.

The RUBY community, however, is the place where you can CONNECT, COMMUNICATE, and SHARE in real time with other women who share your interests, concerns, passions, and values.

In the RUBY community we have groups for all kinds of things! You can connect with other women to chat about your family, your kids and grandkids, your pets, your garden, your favorite recipes or craft projects. You can share your prayer requests with one another and pray together, and you can catch up with the weekly Bible study lesson which is posted each Tuesday.

The RUBY community is an interactive neighborhood for you to find fellowship and friendship across the miles with other women – it’s a GREAT place to discover new opportunities to share the love of God with one another, and uphold each other with words of encouragement and inspiration.

Doesn’t that sound like the perfect place for YOU to hang out? Please join us in the RUBY community today. We’ll be waiting for you!

Featured posts from the RUBY blog
“The Wisdom of Women on the Meaning of Love” by Deb Ilardi
Posted by Sharmelle Olson

Wisdom of Women

How do you tell a great story? Mabel asked her friend Gertrude.

Mabel imagined herself a great writer. Gert grinned, and quietly said It has to be about love. Her face soft, her eyes turned up at the corner, she sat back in her chair, proud for coming to such a magnificent conclusion.

Gert recalled her cousin Sophia telling her. I know exactly what love is Gertie. Maybe you will be lucky enough to fall into love. Nick is the man for me. He understands me. He’s my missing piece, my better half....Read More

Celebrate the Different Roles of Women with these Gift Ideas
Posted by Sharmelle Olson

Mother's Day Gifts

A woman has multiple roles and responsibilities in real life. It is this diverse range of responsibilities that makes them garner respect, admiration, love and attention from all quarters of life. Although, women are trying to balance a lot of things at the same time, they are never short in fulfilling the various aspirations associated with a particular relationship or role.

Here are a few gift ideas for the woman who is trying to establish the much needed balance in her different roles. Let us check out the various gifts for this dynamic woman based on...Read More

“At the Kitchen Table with Momma – Somewhere Between Heaven and Earth” by Sharon L. Patterson
Posted by Sharmelle Olson

I sat up in bed, still startled from what I had just experienced.  For a moment, I questioned where I was until I looked to see my husband sleeping soundly bedside me. Was that a dream I just had?  It seemed so much more.  It was SO REAL!  As my husband stirred from sleep I felt compelled to share the dream with him.

“Honey, this is going to sound really strange to you, but I feel like I have just spent time with Mother.”

His quizzical look prompted an immediate response, “I know-it’s impossible.” Mother had passed...Read More

"He is Alive!" by Donna B. Comeaux
Posted by Nina

Mary wrapped barley bread, dried olives, dates, and figs in a cloth and placed them in her husband’s pouch. Cleopas extended his arms, allowing his wife to tighten his girdle with a clasp then tuck coins in one side of it and on the other side a small serving of figs and nuts.

When Cleopas lowered his arms, Mary beckoned him to raise his left again so she could slip a water-filled goatskin up his arm and over his shoulder. Mary tugged at the sword fastened to his girdle.

Satisfied that it was tightly in place, she...Read More

Plans - Useful or Useless?
Posted by Beth Brubaker
"Plans - Useful or Useless?" by Beth Brubaker
What is the most useful, yet useless thing we do as human beings?

Plan stuff.

Plans can be great things; we can plan vacations, plan short-term goals, and plan events with friends and family. Plans help us stay on track, organize our lives and save us tons of time.

However, we can get so mired in plans that we cease to be productive. This is one of my many foibles, because I love making plans. In fact, I'd rather write plans than  do  them!...Read More

RUBY'S Reading Corner

The next time you are ordering books from Amazon, please visit Ruby's Reading Corner! Every book purchased through Ruby's Reading Corner helps support the ministry of Ruby for Women, and it costs exactly the same for you.

Ruby’s Reading Corner features books by Ruby authors, as well as a wide-variety of inspirational books, family and parenting, holidays, gardening, Christian fiction, marriage and relationship advice, financial advice, and so much more.
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APRIL 2017
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We would like to invite you to send in your inspirational articles, short stories, poetry, book reviews, craft projects, or recipes that celebrate the beauty of spring. Visit the RUBY blog for the details or email
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